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  1. eve says:

    I was on a train when I read in the Mail today, excerpts of Timothy’s book. Tears streamed down my face reading when he went to the castle and spoke to his brother. His grandfather, grandmother and brother would be so proud of him. I am not sure I could be so forgiving as Timothy, God bless him and his family. Funny thing is I also had the hot hits ! Brought back memories as it was the one Timothy wrote about!

  2. Neil says:

    Often thought about you over the years, Timothy. Once or twice I’ve also prayed for you too. What happened was just so sad. As a consequence you and your brother have become a sort of part of our collective memory as a nation. We’ll never ever forget what happened to you both and, well, we will always sort of love you. I hope that makes sense. God bless you. Good to see you’re doing something so positive with this tragedy.

  3. Kate Olenski says:

    I have been reading “From a Clear Blue Sky” and have found it both moving and difficult to read. I do remember when this horrible atrocity occurred though I was only 9 years old at the time. In 2002, I gave birth to beautiful twin daughters prematurely. My daughter, Megan, passed away at 19 days. Her twin, Jessica, survived and has thrived. However, I have thought for a long time how losing her twin sister would affect her since she does not remember Megan. Guilt has never left me since their birth. Jessica talks about her twin often and has told me she wished she had known her. It breaks my heart. She is now the same age that I was when your life changed forever. Reading your book at this time is truly a blessing. I am very glad that you have found peace in your heart. Thank you so much for writing such a touching memorial to your Nicholas, your grandfather and Paul Maxwell. They will never be forgotten.

  4. Dear Timothy,

    Thank you for your story, an astonishing testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring and healing power of love.

    Although your story is utterly unique, I understand your need and desire to “go back” and do what you needed to do to “say goodbye” and find some resolution and integration of your terrible losses into your life. Each trauma we humans endure is personal and often many pieces are missing as we try to understand and make sense of the unimaginable. I believe the spirit has a need to know, to understand and to heal.
    I am so glad for you that this was able to happen.

    I am sure you are aware of it, but your book brings to mind the book “The Sunflower”
    by Simon Wiesenthal; a book that asks profound questions about the nature and possibility of forgiveness. Your book had also made an important contribution to this quest for so many.

    Thank you and I wish you the absolute best throughout your life.


    Rev. Allison Barrett, Canada

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  • 'It is one of the most intensely moving stories I have ever read, and I was gripped from the first page.'

    Barbara Taylor Bradford

    'Testament to a remarkable, benevolent soul...With this public love letter he has found a way to say goodbye’. Sunday Times

    ‘It is one of the most penetrating and humane books to have emerged from the Troubles.’

    Irish Independent

    'This amazingly clear-headed and mature book...Intelligent, honest, tender and so moving that it should come with a warning to read this in private because you're going to be in a tear-stained mess.’ Daily Mail

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