Newspaper interviews with Timothy Knatchbull

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19.08.09 Sligo Champion
23.08.09 Irish Independent
23.08.09 Irish Tribune
23.08.09 Sunday Times
27.08.09 Daily Telegraph
28.08.09 Daily Mail
30.08.09 Sunday Times Review
16.09.09 Business Standard
18.09.09 Daily Mail
24.09.09 Kentish Express
12.10.09 Daily Telegraph
28.10.09 Fermanagh Herald
01.11.09 The Hindu
27.02.10 Times of India
28.02.10 The Sunday Guardian
07.03.10 Indian Express
11.03.10 The Pioneer
13.03.10 Business Standard
28.03.10 The Week
07.08.10 Daily Mail
09.08.10 Irish Independent
01.07.12 Sunday Telegraph

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  • 'It is one of the most intensely moving stories I have ever read, and I was gripped from the first page.'

    Barbara Taylor Bradford

    'Testament to a remarkable, benevolent soul...With this public love letter he has found a way to say goodbye’. Sunday Times

    ‘It is one of the most penetrating and humane books to have emerged from the Troubles.’

    Irish Independent

    'This amazingly clear-headed and mature book...Intelligent, honest, tender and so moving that it should come with a warning to read this in private because you're going to be in a tear-stained mess.’ Daily Mail

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